Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Local shopping search owned by the community

Quite literally, in fact. We know that we don't have every shop in Britain on our local shopping search - though we do have many major chains - see below - so it is up to you to turn this into the service you'll be using every day, and bring on board your favourite local shops. We're starting a new program called the Retail Referral Royalty (or triple R!) program:- where any member of the public can refer our service to retailers, and when the retailers confirm the people responsible for getting them involved with AskTheLocal!, then these people earn ongoing royalty from revenues related to these retailers.

Listing product information onto AskTheLocal! is free for retailers, but there are currently pay-per-click and pay for per-for-performance options offered on AskTheLocal!. And it's these current options (as well as future options) that can earn the Triple R! members ongoing royalty.

Our current pay-per-click options are: (1) a check-product-availability link and (2) a reserve-this-item link. The check-product-availability link encourages, and will almost guarantee a sale from their local shop, provided the product is in stock, so it is an effective means of increasing sales. Likewise with the reserve-this-item link.

Our current pay-for-permance option deals with vouchers and discount coupons. AskTheLocal! users, for example, can print-out or write down coupon codes when buying a particular product in a participating retailer's shop. And there is nothing like a discount to encourage people to buy something. Using these discount coupons can help retailers encourage purchases as well as determine the effectiveness of AskTheLocal! at creating offline purchases.

The retailer earns, we earn, and you as a referrer earns, even if you only convinced the retailer to add free product information initially, and the retailer months or years later generates leads with AskTheLocal!'s pay-per-click or pay-for-performance options.

Therefore, you're welcome to start approaching retailers with this white paper on local shopping search. At this stage make sure the retailer mentions your name when they provide their data to us. Information on what data they need to add is available on the retailers page.

Keep watching this space for more formalised arrangements, and selling tips.

Who can you approach? Local individual shops or chains. Here is a current list of retailers on the site, so these people are already on-board and it is best to choose others:

Marks and Spencer
Harrods (pending release)
Hamleys (pending release)
John Lewis
Jessops (pending release)
The Entertainer

Note: we don't provide food items on our site.


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